As you might have figured out already by looking at my CV I'm an allround fundraising manager/advisor with an expertise and proven track record in individual giving fundraising. I've been working in a variety of roles in my career, so I have hands-on experience with most challenges and opportunities out there.

Please have a look at the different type of services I can offer you. If you can't exactly find what you're looking for contact me anyway. I might me able to point you in the right direction.

Interim Management

Yes, I can be your new interim Fundraising Director. Did your Head of Fundraising leave in a hurry? Or are you going through a reorganization? And you also want a fresh pair of eyes re-energizing your fundraising team and program? Contact me.

Program reviews & expert advice

Every fundraising program can be improved. Most of them dramatically. Do you want to develop a new fundraising strategy? Is your new donor acquisition drying up? Do you want to aim for long term growth? Always wanted to implement a donor-centric fundraising program? 

Let me review your fundraising program and I'll give you at least a dozen insights on how to strengthen it.


We can discuss external trends, and internal challenges. I can be your sounding board, your discussion partner for crazy opportunities and long term strategic discussions. I can be your coach.


Or let me join your recruitment panel. I hate it when the wrong fundraiser gets appointed. After so many years I recognize who's great, and who's not. Because I'm a scary judge of talent.